Our story started with…

three siblings and the birth of our first babies, all within a few months of each other.  We wanted to make a baby shoe that was fresh and unique, looked great on baby girls and boys, and that caregivers could put on little baby feet without the fuss.  



Our goal was to create a baby shoe that is stylish and easy to put on your baby's feet

- the rubber pull is concave and sized for adult finger tips

- the interiors are lined with either soft microfiber or faux fur

- entry tab on that back adds style and function

- see that the shoe fits.  Don't guess.  




Meet the Bukubee Baby family

Together with our dad, an industrial designer with decades of product design experience, we introduced our cute little shoes to the world in early 2018.  Since then, four new babies have joined our family, with a few more on the way!